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In memorium

by | Jun 17, 2009

I just learned that Peter Bernstein passed away earlier this month. As you probably know, Peter was very well regarded in our industry. Not only was he a highly successful money manager, he was an author and long-term editor of the Journal of Portfolio Management. I read his book on risk several years ago and had the opportunity to hear him speak at an NYSSA event, where I got him to sign my copy (I read other books he wrote, but this was the only one I got signed by him). Peter never retired, which arguably is a great example as I happen to believe that God didn’t put us here to sit around on our butt but rather to contribute, and contribute Peter did.

I’m working on a paper for a class I’m taking and one of the articles I’m referencing Peter wrote with Rob Arnott. Peter was an excellent writer. And a great speaker. He lived a full life (he was 90) and will no doubt be sorely missed by his wife, his family, his friends, and our industry. Our industry is definitely much better off to have had the likes of Peter grace us for so many productive and rewarding years.

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