Presentation summary: How money figures into a meaningful life is a topic that has perplexed us for millennia. In this talk, we leverage social psychology, neuroscience, and history to understand the connection between money and happiness. We look at it specifically through the lens of the modern wealth management industry, which has been buffeted by changes in markets and society. Aspirational advisors and clients are both moving beyond the industry's focus on traditional products and services and asking hard -- but important -- questions about the value of the wealth management experience. We will discuss ways to elevate the client/advisor conversation in order to create win/win scenarios for all parties involved.

The presentation is for:

- Financial advisors

- Any investment professional thinking about client relationships and business growth in a rapidly changing world

- All individuals who have asked the question: Does money buy happiness?

Key takeaways:

- There are deeper sources of long-lasting contentment in life where money spent wisely can make a significant, positive difference. However, beyond a sustenance income, more money makes little to no impact on our day-to-day happiness.

- Financial advisors who want to maintain high margin practices must take into account how money fits into a client's overall sense of fulfillment in life.

- Individuals who want a more valuable wealth management experience must be willing to engage in conversations that go beyond markets and portfolios.


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