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    “The Journal of Performance Measurement is the cornerstone source of information for the investment performance industry that consistently exceeds my expectations, providing peer-reviewed articles to all that seek to gain knowledge and inspiration, and helping to set positive outcomes for one’s career goals.”  – Michael Pfaff, CIPM

        The Journal continues to bring fresh ideas to the investment industry, helping firms make ‘best practices’ even better. Its topics cover all areas of expertise, from strategy and risk to investment selection and oh yes… performance measurement.” – Stephen Campisi, CFA

            “I’ve subscribed to The Journal since becoming aware in its very early days in the late 1990’s.  In fact, I had a complete library of every issue through the time it was published in hard-copy form.  Countless articles exploring valuable new concepts and approaches have been published in its pages, and the overall investment industry is better off for it.” – Todd Juillerat, CFA

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