Operational Consulting

Are there risks that you may be overlooking regarding your operation?
Are your calculations to measure returns and risk appropriate?
Do you have adequate policies, procedures and controls in place?
Are you employing “best practices”?
Does the rest of your firm feel there is room to improve?

TSG’s Operations Review service covers all aspects of a firm’s performance and risk measurement process, and provides many benefits including:

  • an objective and independent assessment of what you’re doing, identify areas that need improvement, as well as risks
  • greater comfort in your procedures, policies and process
  • comfort to the rest of the firm that the group is using best practices and appropriate techniques; that the appropriate polices and controls are in place
  • insight into areas for improvement
  • Identifying areas where risks may exist
  • confirm beliefs about the way things are being done and that they’re appropriate
  • ways to do things better

Firms are different, and departments are organized differently, and serve different needs. Thus, there isn’t a “cookie cutter” approach to our service, though our reviews generally follow a fairly consistent approach.

In advance of our visit, we will work with you to prepare an agenda. If possible, we would like to review documentation on the firm and department, either before we arrive or while we are on site.

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Many firms have already taken advantage of this valuable service.  To schedule your operational review, complete the form below. Or, if you need immediate assistance, please call 732-873-5700.

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