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Master Performance Measurement, Attribution, Risk, and GIPS, Without Leaving Your Office With Our Custom In-House Training…

“It’s hard to find such focused training around the topic of performance measurement along with experienced instructors who can get into the details of various calculations. I recommend this two-day training course for firms looking to provide a good foundation on this topic.”

– Rajiv Mathur

Finally, you can give your entire staff the understanding they need in performance measurement, attribution, risk, and GIPS without leaving the comfort of your office. 

No travel expenses.  No need to have key staff away from the office. No hassles.  Let us come to you.

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More than 4,000 people have participated in our training programs, with numbers increasing monthly. With an in-house class, you can train a large group of people at a deep discount.

Every year, firm’s bring us into their shops to conduct training for their teams. This saves them the cost of transporting their staff, provides continuing education credits and limits their time away from the office. And, because we discount the tuition for in-house training, it saves them even more!

Course Topics

In-house training can cover one or more topics.

Performance Measurement Concepts
  • A solid overview of what performance measurement is all about.
Rate of Return Calculations
  • Time-weighting vs. money-weighting
  • Internal Rate of Return
  • Mid-point and Modified Dietz
  • Unit Value method
  • “True” Daily returns
  • Geometric linking
  • Annualization
  • Gain insights into the primary performance benchmarks (indexes, peer groups, absolute, and custom) and the importance of each.
Risk Measurement
  • What is risk?
  • Review of common measures
    • Standard deviation
    • Sharpe Ratio
    • Treynor Ratio
    • Information Ratio
    • Tracking error
    • VaR
  • Expost Risk
  • Ex Ante Risk
  • Techniques of Portfolio Diversification and Portfolio Hedging
Performance Attribution
  • Three Laws of Attribution
  • Brinson Hood Beebower and Brinson-Fachler Models
  • Currency Attribution
  • Artithmetic vs Geometric
  • Multi-Period Attribution
  • Fixed-Income Attribution
  • Equity Attribution
  • Balanced Attribution
  • Multi-level Attribution
  • Asset Owners & Attribution
  • Hedge fund Attribution
  • Using and interpreting the results
Performance Presentation Standards (GIPS)
  • Detailed review
  • Composite construction
  • Calculations
  • Discretion
  • Points of confusion

Fully Customizable

We can customize a class to meet your firm’s exact needs, or we can teach one of our standard courses. Benefits include:

  • Reduced tuition (44% off of normal tuition price)
  • No travel expenses (other than for the instructor)
  • No time away from the office
  • Option to customize class to your firm’s specific needs
  • Personalized service
  • Scheduling flexibility – you choose the date
  • Save on development time and costs… we’ve done the work for you
  • Peace of mind… in-house training allows indispensable staff to get the training they need, yet still be accessible should you need them
  • We’ll exceed your expectations… we find out what you need from the course beforehand, ensuring we exceed your expectations.


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We can provide you with a proposal tailored to your precise training needs.

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