22nd Annual PMAR North America Conference

“The PMAR conference has been extremely beneficial for me and my team to attend because it offers great insight into the biggest topics impacting the performance industry currently.  I have also enjoyed meeting other industry professionals and peers, and building on those relationships.”

– Sean Moran, Northwestern Mutual Investment Services

“To be surrounded by the top professionals in the performance industry is unmatched. The level of expertise and knowledge of the presenters at PMAR is exceptional.”

-Terri Gloecker, River Road Asset Management 

Presenters and Panelists

David D. Spaulding, DPS, CIPM

Conference Moderator

Christine Iannacone, CIPM

Essential Skillsets of the Performance Professional

Todd Juillerat, CFA

OCIO Guidance Statement

Frances Barney, CFA

Methods and Styles of Reporting

John D. Simpson, CIPM


John Longo, Ph.D., CFA

Paths to a "Rich" Life

Alex Shafran, CFA

Methods and Styles of Reporting

Dan Golosovker

Challenges with Alternatives

Onsite and Live Stream

PMAR Conference

Partial Agenda

  • 2023 Dietz Award Winning Article: Benchmark Misfit: Redux; Stephen Campisi, CFA
  • Performance and Risk with/of AI: More Than A Choice of Prepositions; Dan diBartolomeo, Northfield Information Services

  • What’s Missing From Your Equity Attribution Report?; David Spaulding, DPS, CIPM, TSG          
  • Data Management Panel Discussion: What is Industry Best Practice?; Steve O’Brien, Rimes; Jose Michaelraj, CIPM, CAIA, Meradia; Mark Rothermel, CIPM, T. Rowe Price; Brian Buzzelli, Meradia
  • How are the New SEC Guidelines Being Practically Implemented and Applied? Matthew Deatherage, CFA, CIPM,  Longs Peak Advisory Services; Lance Dial, K&L Gates; Thayne Gould, Vigilant
  • What to Know About the New GIPS Guidance for OCIOs; Josh O’Brien, CFA, Strategic Investment Group; Amy Harlacher, The Common Fund; Todd Juillerat, CFA; George (G.R.) Findlay, CIPM, State Street Global Advisors
  • Artificial Intelligence: What I Want to do With it vs What I Can Do With it; Harald Collet, Alkymi
  • ESG: Risk, Compliance, and Regulatory Reporting – Why having the right data and tools is essential; Mark Parker, State Street
  • Methods and Styles of Reporting: What Efforts are Worth it and What Functional Options Exist?; Alex Shafran, CFA, Cohen & Steers; Frances Barney, CFA, BNY Mellon; Shankar Venkatraman, CFA, FRM, American Century
  • Essential Skillsets of the Performance Professional; Christine Iannacone, CIPM, Prudential; Debi Rossi, CIPM, Kyza Performance
  • Paths to a “Rich” Life; John Longo, Ph.D., CFA, Rutgers University
  • How to Calculate Returns on Options, Futures, and Swaps; Claude Giguere, Robust Technologies
  • GIPS Compliance Q&A; John D. Simpson, CIPM, TSG; Susan Agbenoto, CIPM, Opus Investment Management; John Norwood, Norwood Consulting; Matt Deatherage, CFA, CIPM, Longs Peak Advisory Services
  • Performance Challenges with Private Equity and Alternatives; Mike Beck, CAIA, CIPM, CPA, Glenmede; Dan Golosovker, Addepar; Patrick Warren, MSCI; Tina Madel, Meradia; Cynthia Shaw-Pereira, CIPM, CIBC Mellon
Steve Campisi, CFA

Benchmark Misfit: Redux

Steve O'Brien

Data Management

Josh O'Brien, CFA

OCIO Guidance Statement

Matthew Deatherage, CFA, CIPM

SEC Marketing Rules

May 22-23, 2024


9:00 AM – 5:00 PM ET


The Heldrich Hotel

10 Livingston Avenue

New Brunswick, NJ U.S.A.

Susan Agbenoto, CIPM


Amy Harlacher

OCIO Guidance Statement

Lance Dial

SEC Marketing Rules: How Are They Being Implemented?

Debi Rossi, CIPM

Essential Skillsets of the Performance Professional

Dan diBartolomeo

Artificial Intelligence and Risk

Claude Giguere

Returns on Options, Futures, and Swaps

Thayne Gould

SEC Marketing Rules

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“The presenters and content of the presentations at PMAR are second to none. The content attracts attendees who are interested in learning and increasing their own professional knowledge and skills. From a vendor perspective, it is a great audience. PMAR has a lot of credibility with attendees because it doesn’t operate on the principal of pay to play. If there are presentations given by vendors, attendees aren’t subjected to a thinly disguised product pitch, but instead get a valuable contribution by an industry thought leader.”

John Norwood, John Norwood Consulting


“For me PMAR is a great opportunity to meet with people from our industry, catch up on latest trends and developments and to mix business with pleasure. TSG clearly puts a lot of effort into organizing these events and making them great for exhibitors and attendees alike.”

– Elske van de Burgt, CFA, Ortec Finance

PMAR provides the best opportunity for sponsors: no other conference gives their sponsors the level of support we do. We are committed to making PMAR a success for you and your firm!


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