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TSG Time Podcast with Pat and Doug

The TSG Time podcast is a monthly podcast that tackles all things performance measurement, in 30 minutes or less.

Co-hosted by Patrick W. Fowler and Douglas Spaulding of TSG.

Pat and Doug sit down with legends of performance measurement on this monthly podcast.

Episode 8 – 9/15/23

Diane Robertson


Diane Robertson joins Pat and Doug for Episode 8 of TSG Time. Diane is Vice President, Head of Global Performance, Analytics, and Reporting at T. Rowe Price. She has 25 years of experience in the financial industry and is a 2022 recipient of TSG’s Outstanding Women in Performance & Risk Measurement award. At PMAR 2023, Diane was a part of our “Talent Recruitment and Retention” panel. She shares some of the key takeaways from that discussion. She talks about the inaugural Women in Performance Measurement (Wipm) meeting and the group’s future plans. “It’s a unique experience for women to be able to come into a room and talk with each other about the balance of your professional career aspirations and your home life, and have a real, authentic and candid, sometimes vulnerable, conversation.” In the lightning round, Diane touches on random acts of kindness and the best piece of advice she’s ever been given.
For more information on Women in Performance Measurement (Wipm), visit https://tsgperformance.com/events/women-in-performance-measurement/.

Next Month:

Episode 9 – 10/15/23

Claude Giguère

Next month’s episode will feature Claude Giguère.

If you have a question for Claude, please submit it by clicking on the Question box below, or email Doug at DougSpaulding@TSGPerformance.com.
And let us know who you’d like us to feature on future episodes.

Previous Episodes

Episode 7 – 8/15/23

Elske van de Burgt

Pat and Doug sit down with Elske van de Burgt for Episode 7 of TSG Time.  Elske has been with Ortec Finance for over 25 years and is the managing director of the Investment Performance group. She discusses a second position she’s recently taken on managing the climate and ESG team. Elske talks about the 2002 Dietz Award-winning article, “Decision-based Evaluation of the Performance of a Hierarchically Structured Investment Process,” which she co-authored with Jeroen Geenen, Marc Heemskerk, and Michiel Heerema, and provides some information on her upcoming speaking engagements and her research process. In the lightning round, Elske touches on overcoming fears and her favorite summertime activity. 

Connect with Elske, https://www.linkedin.com/in/elske-van-de-burgt/.

Episode 6 – 7/15/23

James Cardamone

James Cardamone of FactSet joins Pat and Doug for Episode 6 and discusses his recent article, “Measurable Ways for Performance Teams to Add Value in ESG Investing,” which was published in the Winter 2022/2023 issue of The Journal of Performance Measurement. James talks about ESG composite scoring and the considerations that go into constructing one, and the use of carbon analytics in performance style reports. James also touches on modern classical music and the most meaningful book he’s ever read, “The Art of Happiness.”

Connect with James, https://www.linkedin.com/in/james-cardamone-5b663814/.

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Bonus Episode 5.5
(TSG Half Time) – 7/3/23

Patrick Fowler

Doug interviews Pat in this bonus episode of TSG Time. Pat celebrated his 25th anniversary at TSG in June. In this episode, he shares some of the highlights of his career, discusses how the company became the leader in the performance and risk measurement conference space, and tells us why Dublin, Ireland is his favorite place to visit with TSG. The Performance Measurement Forum recently held its 100th meeting in the US and 101st meeting in Europe, and Pat, who has overseen the group from the beginning, contrasts the US and EMEA Forums. In the lightning round, he touches on golf and music. 

Connect with Pat, https://www.linkedin.com/in/patrick-fowler-755685/.

For more information on the Performance Measurement Forum, click here, https://tsgperformance.com/events/performance-measurement-forum-asset-owner-roundtable/.

Episode 5 – 6/15/23

Susan Agbenoto, CIPM

In Episode 5, Susan Agbenoto of Opus Investment Management joins Pat and Doug and discusses the overarching blocks of performance in GIPS compliance. She shares highlights from the inaugural Women in Performance Measurement event, which was held on May 23rd in New Brunswick, NJ, and talks about increased opportunities for women in the field. During the lightning round, Susan tells us where she would go if she could travel back in time, and ends with a snapshot of an ordinary moment that brings her great joy.

Connect with Susan, https://www.linkedin.com/in/susan-agbenoto-cipm-3b3b7256/

For more information on Women in Performance Measurement (Wipm), visit https://tsgperformance.com/events/women-in-performance-measurement/.

Episode 4 – 5/15/23

Stephen Campisi, CFA

In this episode, Pat and Doug sit down with Stephen Campisi of The Pensar Group to discuss his recent Journal article, “Evaluating Benchmark Misfit Risk” as well as his upcoming PMAR presentation based on that article, and his current research topic on the role of passive investments in asset owner portfolios.  He talks about how performance analysts can gain a greater presence, and shares his thoughts on the direction of the performance function. Steve, who is a classically trained musician, also discusses the correlation between math and music. 

“Evaluating Benchmark Misfit Risk” was published in the Fall 2022  issue of The Journal of Performance Measurement. Sign up for a free subscription now, https://tsgperformance.com/free-journal-of-performance-measurement/.

The 21st annual PMAR Conference will take place on May 24 and 25th, and there’s still time to register. For more information, visit https://tsgperformance.com/events/pmar/

Episode 3 – 4/15/23

Carl Bacon, CIPM

Carl Bacon of Confluence joins us for Episode 3 and discusses the 3rd edition of his book, Practical Portfolio Performance Measurement and Attribution (Wiley, 2022). He goes over some of the changes and additions readers can expect to see in this edition, including a new, chapter on attribution and an expanded chapter on risk. The book also features a section on the asset management industry and covers the GIPS® 2020 revisions. He talks about his preference for geometric attribution, his love of space opera, and tells us about his favorite American football team, the New England Patriots, and how he became a fan.


Practical Portfolio Performance Measurement and Attribution, 3rd Edition is available now, https://www.wiley.com/en-us/Practical+Portfolio+Performance+Measurement+and+Attribution%2C+3rd+Edition-p-9781119831969

Connect with Carl, https://www.linkedin.com/in/carl-bacon-86984b101/.

Episode 2 – 3/15/23

Dan DiBartolomeo

In episode 2 of TSG Time, Pat and Doug interview Dan diBartolomeo, president and founder of Northfield Information Services, Inc. Dan discusses his upcoming PMAR conference presentation and Journal article, “Performance Evaluation and Risk When Returns Aren’t Normally Distributed,” and touches on his research and writing process. He talks about his analytical work that helped uncover the Madoff investment fraud, provides solid advice to those starting out in the investment industry, and shares the story of his dog’s encounter with a bear.
Dan’s article will appear in the Winter 2022/2023 issue of The Journal of Performance Measurement, which will be published early next week. Sign up for a free subscription now, https://tsgperformance.com/free-journal-of-performance-measurement/.

Episode 1 – 2/15/23

David D. Spaulding, DPS, CIPM

In our first episode, Pat and Doug sit down with the founder and CEO of TSG, David D. Spaulding, DPS, CIPM to discuss his career in performance measurement, the growth of the industry, his passion for performance, and his thoughts on the new SEC marketing rule.

Dave shares his favorite Performance Measurement Forum moment and city, and talks about the differences between the US and European Forums. We conclude the interview with a lightning round of questions.

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Connect with Dave, https://www.linkedin.com/in/daviddspaulding/

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