GIPS® Verification Cost

While the GIPS standards can be complex, our pricing is not.

GIPS Verification Cost with TSG

Straightforward GIPS Verification Services

Every firm is different, so we customize our services based on your firm’s specific needs and goals. Here are the most common options:

GIPS Planning Session

GIPS Verification Orientation Call

GIPS Orientation Kit

Insiders’ Website Access

Annual GIPS Verification

Performance/Composite Examinations

Marketing & Advertising Materials Review

Ongoing Support As Needed

Monthly Webinar Access

Not Yet Compliant

Already Compliant

Compliant, Verified, and Examined

* While we can and do conduct composite examinations, we discourage them for most firms. However, some asset owners see more value in examinations than firm-wide GIPS verifications. We are happy to discuss our feelings on exams with you.

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The GIPS verification cost can range from approximately US$10,000 to as high as six figures. The cost of your firm or organization’s GIPS verification is dependent upon a few key factors:

  1. The size of your firm (e.g., number of accounts, and number of composites)
  2. The number of years to be verified
  3. The complexity of your firm

Firms that are already compliant and verified do not typically need a GIPS Planning Session or significant ongoing support prior to the verification. The GIPS Planning Session is the ideal first step for firms that are becoming compliant.

As we understand, our competitors tend to increase fees year-after-year and lock their clients into multi-year contracts. We do not. Assuming there are no material changes at your firm (acquisitions, mergers, significant increase in the number of composites, number of accounts, etc.), we are comfortable locking in our rates for a minimum of five years. This does not lock you into a long-term contract. We guarantee your satisfaction, and if you are ever dissatisfied with our service, you are free to find another provider.

TSG GIPS® Standards for OCIO/Consultants

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