Rethinking Benchmark Criteria: Why We’ve Gotten it Wrong and What Really Matters


Many performance measurement professionals are aware of the seven (now eight) criteria for benchmarks. But, are they really what matters? Are they relevant? Aren’t they typically overlooked?

Perhaps it’s time to rethink what the criteria should be. What’s most important? For example, when it comes to market indexes, shouldn’t cost be a factor, given that we’ve seen rates increase significantly over the past few years? What else?

Who for?

The presentation is for anyone who is involved with benchmark oversight, selection, reporting, and usage.


1) Get a fresh perspective on the old (seven/eight) benchmark criteria

2) Gain insights into what might be better criteria to consider when selecting benchmarks

3) Learn of areas that should concern you when it comes to market indexes, such as pricing and license issues. (Are you violating any? We won’t tell!)

4) Walk away with ideas for alternatives that can save your organization a lot of money


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