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Free Online GIPS Training from TSG

The course contains over four hours of content and covers:

  • -  The history of the Standards, including an explanation as to why it was necessary to develop them,  and how they’ve evolved over the past three decades.
  • - An approach to become compliant.
  • - The fundamental concepts of firm definition, composites, discretion, and dispersion.
  • - Other aspects of the Standards, such as minimum account size and composite creation and inception dates, are discussed.
  • - The importance of policies and procedures, including many of the parts that must be addressed.
  • - Error correction guidance, and why firms may not want to employ all of the suggested levels.
  • - The different approaches to calculate composite returns.
  • - The reporting requirements.
  • - What is meant by and the importance of verification.
  • - The various approaches to measure dispersion.
  • - Standard deviation and how it can be used for both dispersion and volatility.
  • - Fair value, and the various approaches employed to derive it.
  • - Supplemental information, what it is and how to deal with it, as well as how it’s changed.
  • - The advertising guidelines.
  • - The role of guidance statements.

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