The 2020 GIPS® Standards: How Does it Affect...

Software Vendors, Asset Managers, and Asset Owners

The 2020 GIPS Standards for Asset Managers

The most significant collection of changes to the GIPS® standards since their creation are being introduced. While much of what has existed for years stays the same, the changes are drastic enough that all parties affiliated with the Standards are impacted, and must become acquainted with them. We have crafted three targeted sessions for three major areas of involvement: asset managers, asset owners, and software vendors.

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•Discover the major opportunities the changes provide, which you may want to take advantage of
•Understand what the impact is on your GIPS reports (formerly, composite presentations)
•Discover what's been removed
•Learn what you're required to do and when you're required to do it


•Key provisions that did not change
•Looking ahead: what you need to do
•Become aware of the calculation changes
•Hear about a simpler approach for asset owners that qualify as asset managers


•Calculation related issues
•New disclosures

•Return calculation systems

•GIPS systems



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