Article Submissions to The Journal of Performance Measurement

The following guidelines should cover most questions, but feel free to call us anytime: 732-873-5700.

·               Average manuscript length: 8 – 15 typed pages (3000 – 6000 words).  Longer articles will be considered based on topic, subject treatment, and reader interest.  Generally, the longer it is the more spectacular the subject and execution should be.

·               Our aim is to provide all of the complexity most of our readers need, without leaving anyone else behind.  Consequently, we spell out all acronyms on the first reference, try to define all terms within the context of the piece – parenthetical phrases work well – and visually illustrate most points.  The more difficult the subject matter, the more graphs or charts we need.

·               In referring to other studies, formulae, works of other authors, please assume that the reader has never heard of the material, i.e. cite the item.

·               It is the author’s responsibility to achieve the appropriate permissions and releases for use of any referenced content or graphics.

·               Writers should support all of their points or explain why that isn’t possible.

·               We use endnotes, not footnotes.

·               Layout requirements: Please email your article.  We prefer that you save your text in Microsoft Word (versions 2003-2013) , using Times New Roman – font size 11pt., circle bullets and/or numerical lists also using font size 11 pt.

·               Charts and graphs should also be created using Times New Roman, Title font size 11 pt and Data font size 10 pt.  These should be delivered in grayscale, not color.

·               Delivery – Submission of three files is requested – one that includes all text and graphics, the second that is text only and the third for graphics only.  These files may be sent electronically to

·               Submissions should include an abstract of the article content and a brief bio containing the facts about the author(s) that are germane to the piece; work, history, education, etc…

·               We have a double-blind review process. Initially, two or more peer reviewers will read your manuscript.  Reviewer’s comments will be emailed to you for your response and any adjustments you may want to make in direct response to their comments.  (Replacement versions will not be accepted at this point.  The project proceeds with the original document or the document is withdrawn and the process begins again with a new manuscript). Once our editors have your amended copy or changes, the manuscript will be prepared for publication.  Time permitting; the manuscript will be passed back to you for a final read through.

We prefer that all submitted manuscripts be original works and are not under consideration elsewhere or under consideration for publication in another form. Authors of submitted papers are requested not to submit their paper for publication elsewhere until an editorial decision is rendered on their submission. Further, authors of accepted papers are restrained from publishing the results in other publications that appear before the paper is published in The Journal unless they receive approval for doing so from the editorial staff. We do ask that potential authors sign a simple copyright form to assure publishing exclusivity. That form follows this guide for author convenience.

Under special circumstances The Journal will consider inclusion of an article/chapter that is a reprint from another publication. Exceptions are only given to articles/chapters that are reviewed by the JPM staff and are deemed acceptable for reprint due to the importance of content. We also need to be sure that the permission from the original publisher is granted prior to inclusion.


Authors must submit three copies of their manuscript (one text only, one figures and equations only and a complete manuscript), with complete contact information (including name, company, position, address, telephone, fax number and e-mail address). Our preference is that manuscripts must be clearly typed with a single spacing throughout and single space between sentences. Font size is 11 points throughout the document, with the exception of the Title, which is 20 points and bolded. The text and title font used is Times New Roman. In the event that special or unusual fonts are being used for equations of figures, we ask that the font name be stated and if possible sent with the submission.

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