TSG Certification (small)As a service provider, aren’t you looking for a “competitive edge”? How do you affirm your claims about your software’s capabilities? Couldn’t you benefit from giving your clients and prospects greater assurance about your system’s capabilities, reducing their concerns and risks, and increasing your likelihood of a sale?

TSG’s Software Certification Service provides the end user with greater confidence in a system’s capabilities. It gives the software developer confidence as well, by being attested to by a world-renowned authority of performance and risk, which can enhance the firm’s marketing efforts.

Consider the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®). Thousands of firms worldwide claim compliance with GIPS because they’re considered “best practices” when it comes to presenting past performance to prospects. And yet, claims aren’t enough: their clients and prospects want added confidence that they are, in fact, compliant. Therefore, the vast majority of these managers invest in independent verification.

TSG’s Software Certification service does the same thing, but for those who market performance and risk software. But this service does much more than that. We also provide our clients with greater confidence in what they’re doing as well as provide them with recommendations on ways to enhance their products. We have been doing this for clients for close to two decades, and now the service is formalized to make it even better.

Software Certification provides independent and authoritative credibility to the firm’s system, which will enhance their marketing and sales process; provide greater confidence to their clients and prospects, as well as their own developers; and enhance the competitiveness of their offering.

This review is a proprietary, independent, in-depth, and rigorous review of performance/risk systems, conducted by recognized industry specialists. The certification covers calculations, functionality, reports, user interfaces, usability, work flow, completeness, and controls.  To be “TSG Software Certified,” systems must meet all requirements.  Firms may elect to have their entire suite reviewed, or just one or more individual components. This service is available to software vendors and firms with proprietary systems, such as custodians, broker/dealers, and asset managers.

For additional information on how your system can be certified by TSG, please contact Patrick Fowler at 732-873-5700 or PFowler@tsgperformance.com.

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