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LightPoint Portfolio Solutions, Opus Investment Management, Inc., and CalSTRS Win Best GIPS® Policies & Procedures Contest

Somerset, NJ – December 9, 2022. TSG, Inc. (TSG) announced today that LightPoint Portfolio Solutions, Opus Investment Management, Inc., and California State Teachers’ Retirement System have won the 2022 Best GIPS® Policies and Procedures Contest.

“This contest provided an excellent opportunity for firms and asset owners to obtain an independent and objective assessment of their policies and procedures,” said Patrick W. Fowler, TSG’s President and Chief Operating Officer. “All submissions underwent a detailed review by a panel of TSG experts, who provided the firms and asset owners with a written, customized assessment.”

“One of the critically important requirements of the Global Investment Performance Standards is that compliant firms have written policies and procedures,” said Ashley Reeves, a TSG Executive Vice President and the firm’s Chief Verification Officer (CVO), who heads the firm’s Global Investment Performance Standards and non-GIPS verification practice. “As verifiers, we’ve been exposed to more than 350 firms P&Ps: some great, and some not so great. With all the changes to the 2020 version of the Standards, we wanted to take another peak under the hood.”

“We believe strongly in serving our clients by demonstrating a commitment to open, honest, and ethical practices, and are delighted to be awarded the Best 2020 GIPS Policies & Procedures,” said LightPoint Portfolio Solutions Chief Investment Officer Hillary Sunderland. “Given the complexity of the GIPS Standards, this is a fantastic achievement, and is a testament to the skill, diligence, and care taken by our team to adhere to comprehensive and rigorous rules governing the calculation, presentation, and distribution of performance.”

“Opus Investment Management is excited to be awarded the esteemed title of Best 2020 GIPS Policies & Procedures. We believe that this outreach of TSG is beneficial to the industry in laying an unofficial foundation for best practices concerning investment performance policies and procedures,” said Susan Agbenoto, Director of Investment Performance at Opus Investment Management, Inc. “Opus is fully committed to complying with GIPS standards, maintaining quality partnerships with its verifier, and continuing its learning and development in order to deliver ethical, transparent and consistent performance reporting. We believe that our current and prospective clients deserve this, and we are proud to be a winner.”

The contest was open to all asset managers and asset owners who claim compliance with the GIPS standards. The top three policies and procedures will appear in future issues of The Journal of Performance Measurement®. The three top finishers will each receive a trophy. You can obtain a free copy by subscribing (for free) to The Journal of Performance Measurement here.

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