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“Best GIPS Policies & Procedures Contest”


Sponsored by The Journal of Performance Measurement®

Somerset, NJ – March 15, 2017. TSG, Inc. announces that it will hold the first ever Best GIPS Policies & Procedures Contest. The Journal of Performance Measurement is the contest’s sponsor.


“One of the best and key requirements of Global Investment Performance Standards is its requirement that compliant firms have written policies and procedures,” said Ashley Reeves, a TSG Senior Vice President who heads the firm’s Global Investment Performance Standards and non-GIPS verification practice. “As verifiers to more than 200 firms, we get to see a lot of policies: some great, some good, and some can be improved upon.”

“We thought this contest would be an excellent way to provide firms with an independent and objective assessment of their policies,” said Patrick W. Fowler, the firm’s President and Chief Operating Officer. “All policies that are submitted will undergo a detailed review by a panel of experts, who will provide the firms with a written, customized assessment. The contest is not limited to our clients, meaning that firms who use a different verifier can benefit from having us review their policies; i.e., to get a ‘second opinion.’”

“The contest will result in the identification of the top three policies; they will ultimately be published in The Journal of Performance Measurement®,” said Douglas Spaulding, a firm Vice President and Editor of The Journal of Performance Measurement. This way, other firms can see what really excellent policies look like. It is our hope that this will not only benefit the participants but other firms who want to improve their P&P.”

The contest is open to all asset managers and asset owners who claim compliance with GIPS. To participate, firms must submit their policies, ideally in MS/Word format, to TSG by April 15. By participating in the contest, each firm agrees that if their policies are ranked #1, #2, or #3, they can be printed in an issue of the journal. The top three finishers will be identified in a press release, and receive recognition in the journal. Each will receive an attractive award, suitable for display. The winner will also receive a complimentary pass to PMAR North America or PMAR Europe, where they will receive the award.

For more information about the contest and to submit an entry, visit this page.

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