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TSG Releases Results of
2020 GIPS® Standards Survey

Somerset, NJ – February 20, 2020. TSG, Inc. (TSG) announced the results of its first survey on the 2020 GIPS standards. The revised standards were published at the end of July 2019, and went into effect January 1, 2020, although compliant firms do not need to adopt them until they begin to publish their December 31, 2020 results.

“TSG has been surveying the industry on the presentation standards since 1992,” said the firm’s founder and Chief Executive Officer, David D. Spaulding, DPS, CIPM. “Through the years, these research projects have provided the industry with a tremendous amount of valuable information, and this one will do the same.”

The survey reveals quite a bit, including how prepared firms are for the 2020 revisions, how they are responding to the changes, and how firms are reacting to the new standards.

Individuals can access the results by clicking on this link.

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