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Somerset, NJ – March 1, 2019. TSG has announced The Journal of Performance Measurement (JPM) will now be delivered to over 1,500 investment professionals around the world. The first two months of 2019 represented the highest gain in subscribers since the publication’s inception in 1996.

“The expanded role of performance measurement, and the corresponding rise in importance of the performance measurement professional in the investment process, has generated increased interest in our publication. The ‘e-pub’ format has allowed our subscriber base to grow exponentially,” said Douglas Spaulding, Editor of the journal.The Journal is the most widely read and distributed publication for investment performance professionals.”

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The Journal of Performance Measurement is a quarterly publication in print since 1996 and published by TSG Publishing, a division of TSG. With offices in the New York City and Los Angeles metropolitan areas, TSG, Inc. is the leader in providing investment performance measurement information, through its products and services. TSG provides consulting, GIPS® and non-GIPS verification services, as well as unique and proprietary Software Certification and Operation Review services. It hosts both the Performance Measurement Forum and Asset Owner Round Table. The firm also sponsors the annual Performance Measurement, Attribution and Risk (PMAR) North America, West, and Europe conferences. TSG’s Institute of Performance Measurement offers performance measurement training, including both performance fundamentals and attribution courses, a class on portfolio risk, as well as ones specially designed for non-performance professionals and asset owners. For more information, visit and

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