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TSG Adds Two Executives to its “C-Suite”

Christopher D. Spaulding Promoted to CGO
Ashley K. Reeves Promoted to CVO


Somerset, NJ – May 7, 2020. TSG, Inc. (TSG) announced today that Christopher D. Spaulding has been promoted to Chief Growth Officer, and Ashley K. Reeves has been promoted to Chief Verification Officer.

“Chris has been responsible for our firm’s growth for more than 15 years, and so, recognizing this by making him our firm’s CGO seemed quite appropriate,” said TSG’s founder and chief executive officer, David D. Spaulding, DPS, CIPM. “Ashley joined us more than four years ago, and was assigned the responsibility to oversee our verification practice almost immediately. This new role, as CVO, demonstrates the importance we place in our GIPS® and non-GIPS verification practice.”

“The title Chief Growth Officer (CGO) is one that is gaining some traction, and in some cases replaces the title Chief Marketing Officer (CMO),” said the firm’s president and COO, Patrick W. Fowler. “As far as we know, Ashley is the world’s first Chief Verification Officer (CVO). While all of the firm’s verifiers are senior-level performance measurement professionals, with decades of experience, Ashley is responsible for overseeing our practice, training and guidance, and working with Chris to further grow our business.”

About TSG, Inc.

With offices in the New York City and Los Angeles metropolitan areas, TSG, Inc. is the leader in providing investment performance measurement information, through its products and services. TSG provides consulting along with GIPS and non-GIPS verification services; offers unique and proprietary Software Certification and Operation Review services; publishes The Journal of Performance Measurement®, a quarterly publication launched in 1996; and hosts the Performance Measurement Forum. The firm also sponsors the annual Performance Measurement, Attribution and Risk (PMAR) North America and Europe conferences. TSG’s Institute of Performance Measurement offers performance measurement training, including both performance fundamentals and attribution courses, a class on portfolio risk, as well as ones specially designed for non-performance professionals and asset owners.  For more information visit and


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