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TSG Congratulates CFA Institute on the

25th Anniversary of the GIPS® Standards

Somerset, NJ – February 1, 2024 TSG, the institutionally recognized boutique performance measurement consulting and GIPS standards specialist firm serving the investment industry, congratulates CFA Institute on the momentous occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®).

CFA Institute’s dedication to fostering transparency, integrity, and trust within the investment industry through the establishment and maintenance of the GIPS standards is truly commendable and remarkable. Over the past two and a half decades, the GIPS standards have played a pivotal role in shaping the investment landscape, by setting a global precedent for performance measurement and reporting.

TSG recognizes the significant impact the GIPS standards have had on the investment community, promoting fair representation and full disclosure of investment performance. The Standards have not only enhanced investor confidence, but have also facilitated fair and accurate comparisons among investment managers worldwide. TSG acknowledges CFA Institute’s unwavering commitment to maintaining and evolving the GIPS standards to meet the dynamic needs of the industry, including fostering compliance by asset owners. The principles outlined in the GIPS standards continues to serve as a cornerstone for ethical practices, transparency, and best practices within our industry.

“CFA Institute has managed to accomplish something no one else has before: create a standard that is accepted and promoted by close to 50 countries worldwide. Compliance is a de facto requirement for institutional managers, and has become commonplace among wealth managers, asset owners, and other sectors of the investment community. We are proud to have played a major role in its formation and development, from our team members who have served on a variety of committees, as well as serving the industry as one of the largest verifiers of asset management firms and asset owners,” said David D. Spaulding, DPS, CIPM, TSG’s founder and CEO.

TSG remains dedicated to supporting the investment community in navigating the evolving landscape, and we celebrate this achievement alongside CFA Institute.

Congratulations on 25 years of setting the gold standard in global investment performance.

About TSG. With offices across the United States, and now in Canada, TSG is the leader in providing investment performance measurement information, through its products and services. TSG provides consulting along with GIPS and non-GIPS verification services; offers unique and proprietary Software Certification and Operation Review services; publishes The Journal of Performance Measurement®, a quarterly publication launched in 1996; and hosts the Performance Measurement Forum. The firm also sponsors the annual Performance Measurement, Attribution and Risk (PMAR) North America, PMAR North America West, and Europe conferences. TSG’s Institute of Performance Measurement offers in-person and online performance measurement training, including both performance fundamentals and attribution courses, and classes on the GIPS standards and portfolio risk. TSG is proud to have created the Women in Performance Measurement (WiPM) orgnaization, a business resource for women by women to network, share, and learn together. For more information visit across the


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