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TSG Declares 2018 The Year of the Asset Owner


More services and attention planned

Somerset, NJ – February 20, 2018. TSG, Inc. (TSG) announced that they have declared 2018 “The Year of the Asset Owner.”

“While our firm has provided a host of services to asset owners for quite some time, we have decided to dedicate 2018 to this very important and critical segment of our market,” said TSG’s president, Patrick W. Fowler.

“We are seeing increased interest in our services, from GIPS® verification to in-house training, as well as the Asset Owner Roundtable, consulting, and research,” said TSG’s founder and chief executive officer, David D. Spaulding, DPS, CIPM. “By declaring 2018 as The Year of the Asset Owner, we are making it vividly clear that we intend to dedicate ourselves to do as much as we can to provide the kinds of services, tools, and information asset owners require.”

Over the past 15+ years TSG has conducted in-house training to numerous asset owners, based in North America, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East. It introduced its unique Asset Owner Roundtable in 2014 and is very pleased to provide GIPS verification to one of the largest public pension funds in the world.  

About TSG, Inc.

With offices in the New York City and Los Angeles metropolitan areas, TSG, Inc. is the leader in providing investment performance measurement information, through its products and services. TSG provides consulting along with GIPS and non-GIPS verification services; offers unique and proprietary Software Certification and Operation Review services; publishes The Journal of Performance Measurement®, a quarterly publication launched in 1996; and hosts the Performance Measurement Forum. The firm also sponsors the annual Performance Measurement, Attribution and Risk (PMAR) North America and Europe conferences. TSG’s Institute of Performance Measurement offers performance measurement training, including both performance fundamentals and attribution courses, a class on portfolio risk, and two CIPM exam preparation courses. For more information visit and



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