2008 Performance Measurement Professional Survey


The 2008 report details and compares the transformation of the Performance Measurement Professional from back-office analyst to performance, attribution and risk specialist.

This is the second time we have surveyed the industry on the performance measurement professional; the first was conducted in 2000. This survey reached a broad spectrum of money management firms, with assets under management ranging from $210 million to $1.5 trillion. We repeated several questions from the original survey and added a number of new ones; in addition, we were sensitive to changes which have occurred since the last survey including the introduction of the CFA Institute's CIPM program. As with our other surveys we were able to identify trends as well as changes, by comparing one year's results with prior periods. The survey is packed with a great deal of valuable and insightful information, including details on organizational structure, staffing, credentials, and salaries. TSG is discounting this report 50% due to the important nature of this information and our current market climate. This discount will be in affect for the remainder of 2008. Please visit our website to order your copy today or call 732-873-5700. Take the next step in enhancing your career in investment performance measurement by purchasing your copy of the 2008 survey on the investment professional.

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