The Journal Interview-Dugald Eadie


Interview by David Spaulding

Dugald Eadie

Group Managing Director of Henderson Administration Group plc and Chairman of the Performance Measurment Commission of the European Federation of Financial Analysts' Societies (EFFAS). 

Mr. Eadie graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 1967 with First Class Honors in Mathematics and a second degree in Business Studies. He joined Wood Mackenzie & Co in 1968 and became a partner in 1973. During that time the foundation was laid (in terms of products and computer systems) for the business which is now the WM Company.  WM became a separate company in 1984, which Mr. Eadie led for ten years of uninterrupted growth until 1994.  Mr. Eadie subsequently became the Managing Director of Henderson Pension Fund Management in London, and in May 1995 was appointed Group Managing Director of Henderson.


Journal Interview - Dugald Eadie

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