Madoff webcast with Dan diBartolomeo


This event took place on May 27, 2010. Revisit this webcast as Dan diBartolomeo provides us with an insider’s version of the Madoff Fraud.

This event took place on May 27, 2010. Revisit this webcast, as Dan diBartolomeo provides us with an insider's version of the Madoff Fraud.  We begin in 1999, when Northfield client Harry Markopolos requested their assistance in analyzing the strategy of a hedge fund then identified to Northfield only as Manager B.   Within a few hours it was concluded that the fund returns (eventually publicly identified as Madoff) were either fictitious, or had arisen from a strategy other than was being represented to investors wherein returns were assuredly being enhanced by illegal means.  Northfield's client repeatedly reported these and broader findings to the US Securities and Exchange Commission starting in 1999, but his warnings went unheeded.   The presentation will start with a discussion on some of the analytical methods used by Northfield in the 1990s to test the consistency of reported fund returns with statements of strategy put forward by fund managers.  Dan will then continue with a detailed time line of the uncovering of the largest financial fraud in history, including compelling evidence of the complicity and gross negligence of numerous financial intermediaries.   The presentation will conclude with recommendations for investors and regulators and a Q and A session.
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