Performance Fundamentals Bundle


This is a training bundle of 4 webcasts, 1 book, and 6 essential articles all focused on investment performance measurement.

Performance Fundamentals: List $825 – discount - $412.50

  • Return Compounding: Essential Insights and Practical Implications
  • An Analysis of the Aggregate Method to Calculate Composite Returns
  • A Hierarchy of Methods for Calculating Rates of Return
  • IRR, Money-weighted Return, Time-weighted Return, and the Modified Dietz Method
  • A Primer on time-weighted and dollar-weighted return
  • Measuring investment returns of portfolios containing futures and options


  • The Handbook of Investment Performance: a User's Guide - 2nd Edition


  • The Top 5 Challenges Facing Performance Measurement Departments
  • Everything You Wanted to Know About Standard Deviation, but were afraid to ask
  • Futures and Forward Contracts:  Accounting and Performance
  • The Performance Measurement Professional

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