Performance Measurement Attribution – Virtual Training (Module 3 – Multi-level Attribution)


Performance Measurement Attribution – Virtual Training 

Module 3 – Multi-level Attribution

Performance Measurement Attribution

Module 3 - Multi-level Attribution


Virtual learning classes, approximately 4 hours each

Module 3: Multi-level Attribution

Develop an appreciation and understanding of attribution.

  • We will discuss the subject of performing multi-level attribution (i.e., at more than two levels), including both Nested Attribution and Balanced Attribution.
  • The Campisi model for Balanced Attribution will be covered.
  • Another application of multi-level attribution is Multi-currency Attribution:  we will discuss how to bifurcate local market decisions vs. currency decisions.
  • Models for both naïve currency attribution will be covered, as well as two "flavors" of the Karnosky-Singer currency attribution model.
  • We will discuss the use of other attributes in models besides the traditional characteristics of sector and currency.
  • Exercises will  be used to illustrate the concepts and the mathematics of the models.

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