TAMPS, Third-Party Platforms, and Model Marketplaces


TAMPS, Third-Party Platforms, and Model Marketplaces
Noreen D. Beaman, Orion Advisor Solutions

What is a TAMP? Spending my entire career in the financial services industry, it is interesting to watch how many people take credit for creating all the cool and not so cool stuff that the industry is using today. For example, I do believe there are many parents of the Unified Managed Account, (UMA) but I would give Roger Paradiso and his team at Morgan Stanley credit for that one. The UMA created the true intersection of where technology meets investment management, but more importantly, where the investor experience was at the heart of the innovation. The heart of the creation of the Turnkey Asset Management Platforms and the Model Marketplaces is the ability to provide institutional quality investment advice to the retail investor.

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