Rates of Return

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Rates of Return

Time-Weighting vs. Money-Weighting

Approximate Time-Weighted Methods

– Mid-point Dietz

– Modified Dietz

– Modified BAI

Exact Time-Weighted Methods

– True daily

– Unit value

Approximate Money-Weighted Methods

– Modified Dietz

Exact Money-Weighted Methods

– Internal rate of return

Sub-Portfolio Rates of Return

Multi-Period Rates of Return

Cumulative Rates of Return

– Why we geometrically link

Annualized Rates of Return  

Accruals vs. Cash Basis

– Why we accrue interest and dividends

– How to accrue for dividends

Making Sense of Nonsensical Results

What Performance Analysts Should Be Doing Beyond Just Reporting The Numbers

What Kinds of Things Should We Be Looking for?

– Misfit

– Style drift

– etc.

The Role of Performance Analysts at Other Organizations 

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