Almost 20 years ago, we started on a series of initiatives to provide much-needed education and information to the investment industry. This included our training programs and research projects. One major initiative is the Performance Measurement Forum. Our hope at the time was that it would become a place where performance and risk measurement professionals could gather, twice a year, to share ideas, concerns, problems, and much more. That it would become a place where competitors became friends and colleagues, quite willing to enter into dialogues on a variety of topics.

Well, that hope has become a reality. What began as a North America idea quickly spread to Europe. Today, we host meetings each spring and fall in both locales.

We created something that is utterly unclassifiable; something so multi-dimensional in the way it presents, explains, engages, transforms, activates, motivates, and helps members execute their jobs in ways that not only benefit them professionally, but more importantly, their organizations.

A few years ago we added a new group, modeled after the forum: the Asset Owners’ Roundtable (AORT). This group, like the forum, meets twice a year to do the same thing, but with topics more geared to the needs of private and public pension funds, foundations, endowments, family offices, insurance companies, and other asset owners.

Announcing and Introducing: the Wealth Management Forum

Because of the tremendous growth and importance of performance and risk in the wealth management area, we’ve now decided to establish a forum for this market. The Wealth Management Forum will also be modeled after the forum, with topics that align with the needs of wealth management and broker/dealer professionals, who want to ensure they’re providing the right information to their clients.

We’ve already had discussions with a few folks about this group, and the reception has been phenomenal, meaning that we’re confident that it will have similar success to the forum and AORT.

We’re quite confident that the Wealth Management Forum (WMF) will be something like you’ve never experience before, unless you had the opportunity to participate in the Forum or AORT. Members will have the opportunity to present issues they’re wrestling with, problems they’re experiencing, areas where they need assistance, ideas they’re trying to implement, topics they’re struggling with. In response, other members will offer their thoughts, insights, and experiences.

In addition, meetings will include presentations on a variety of topics. But unlike conferences, where the presenter speaks for 90-95% of the time, and allows just a few minutes for questions, at the WMF, will be encouraged to engage with speakers throughout their presentations, and dialogue with speakers and other members following the presentation, for an extended period, to ensure their questions or issues are addressed.

Okay, so we can’t offer you any testimonials yet on the WMF, because we haven’t yet even had our first meeting. And, we don’t want you to just take our word for it that it will be one of the best experiences you’ve had since you entered the industry. But we can share with you some from the Forum and AORT:

“The Performance Measurement Forum has been a great investment for my firm. It continues to provide new, useful and productive ideas through the discussions and feedback provided during the meetings. What I like most is the feedback from the groups diverse mix of asset owners, custodians, software vendors and consultants. I am also excited for the Asset Owner Forum, as that will provide a great way for us to share our experiences in our specific area.” – Juha Soininen, Keva

Hesitant at first…worth every penny of our investment

“As new members of the performance measurement forum, we didn’t know what to expect. The investment was not insignificant, and we wanted to be sure we would get the value to justify participation. After attending the first meeting we were very confident that we made a good decision to join the Performance Measurement Forum. The meeting was interactive, insightful, and educational. We enjoyed meeting and interacting with our peers at other institutions, sharing insights, concerns, and forming friendships. It was truly a positive, enjoyable experience. We strongly recommend the Performance Measurement Forum to anyone who wants to stay up-to-date and educated on performance measurement.”

Richard Mitchell, CFA, CIPM

What we are creating is a super-learning, super-performing, super-engaging, super-result-producing, super problem-solving platform and super-fun program, with powerful new proven concepts for our ever changing, highly dynamic, often challenging field.

Other benefits

While attending the meetings will provide you with plenty of great benefits to you, membership also brings other opportunities for you and your firm.

∙     complimentary subscription to The Journal of Performance Measurement

∙     10% discount on our consulting and training

A risk-free opportunity

We recognize that when you’re presented with an opportunity like this, you might be a bit concerned. What if I don’t find it beneficial? Perhaps it’s not really for me or my firm. How can I justify spending money on something that we decide isn’t right for us?

These are risks, and we understand this. Therefore, we want to reverse the risk; we want to assume the risk for you.

Join the Wealth Management Forum. Attend our upcoming Spring meeting. If, after the meeting you feel that the group isn’t for you, we will refund 100% of the fee. The reality is that we are so confident that you’ll find the group of value, we’re willing to take this risk.

To put this into perspective, the Forum has been meeting four times a year for close to 20 years; and not one time has a member asked for their money back. And the AORT is coming up on their fifth year, and again, no one has ever said “sorry, but this isn’t for me; please refund the fee.”

But, knowing that you just might have some concerns, we’re willing to take on this risk.

The Wealth Management Forum’s meetings

The WMF will initially be limited to North America, though we anticipate expanding the group to Europe at some point. Meetings will be held the same weeks as the Forum and AORT. Meetings will be one day. They will begin with a light buffet breakfast, and then take off with tremendous engagement. We will, of course, stop for lunch. In addition, members will be invited to gather with us for dinner, so that members will be able to get to know each other a bit more. We want you to become friends and colleagues, who you’ll be comfortable reaching out to throughout the year.

Please contact Patrick Fowler if you would like additional information on this group.

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