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500! Can it be???

by | Aug 15, 2011

Google “500” and you’ll find

  • S&P 500
  • Indy 500
  • a card game called 500
  • perhaps even a reference to a movie about the “500” days of summer.

Well, this post represents a “500” of a different kind: it’s the 500th for this blog, which I think is pretty incredible. Granted, we’ve had a couple guest bloggers, but just like the 166,000+ miles on my BMW Z3, I’m responsible for most of them being there.

Close to 12,000 individuals around the globe have paid us a visit. We have a group of regulars (you know who you are), as well as folks who stop by once in awhile.

Blogging is something TSG management team had talked about me doing for a few years before I actually began; I thought it would be much harder than it is to get set up, but it isn’t. I’ve met several other bloggers along the way, and enjoy checking their work out, too.

You can’t blog unless you have something to write about, and clearly I have. And, you have to have opinions, which I’m not short of, as well as an interest in writing. At times, my blog posts (like our newsletter) might be less sensitive in their construction than perhaps they should be. I never intend to offend; merely express my views, which at times run contrary to those of other folks. But if we all agree, how do we move forward? Different perspectives and ideas should be welcome, and they generally are.

I was chatting with a client last week who was questioning the idea of introducing the internal rate of return into their reporting for pension funds: he didn’t realize that I would be excited by the prospect. His view was based on a methodology that has been around for close to five decades, so it’s understandable why the idea of a totally different approach might not be welcome. But paradigm shifts are often good to experience.

Hopefully these posts have entertained and educated; given our readers something to think or reflect upon. I am appreciative of those who are comfortable commenting, even when they disagree with what I write. But I try to be open to other ideas. You may not change my opinion, but you’ll at least cause me to reflect a bit more. I want to acknowledge my friend and colleague, Steve Campisi, who has frequently commented on posts, interjecting his views and broadening the topics to provide broader perspectives. He also contributed a couple “guest blogs,” which we appreciate.

I haven’t slowed down, and there always seems to be something to write about, so the blog moves forward.

Google occasionally updates the software that makes the blog possible, and this just occurred, with the replacement of “followers” with “members.” I don’t know what all of this means, but do know that if you’re set to “follow,” you may no longer be getting emails announcing posts. Our firm’s COO, Patrick Fowler, figured out how to do this:

  • Go to the bottom of the blog, and click on the Posts (Atom) link 
  • In the drop-down menu, select Microsoft Outlook. Click “Subscribe now” and validate that it is a secure provider. The blog will now populate your Outlook RSS Feeds section. Note: the first time you do this be prepared to receive a LOT of posts (which can come in handy when you’re up at night suffering from insomnia!

Have ideas to improve the blog? Want a topic addressed? Let me know! Thanks.

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