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Six best practices to ensure proper distribution and tracking of GIPS® reports

The Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®) are a set of guidelines created to help firms calculate and report investment performance to their clients. Compliance with the GIPS standards is voluntary but is considered a best practice for firms looking to differentiate themselves and provide transparency to their clients.

One important aspect of GIPS compliance is the distribution of GIPS reports to prospective clients and/or prospective investors in a Limited Distribution Pooled Fund (“prospects”).

As verifiers, some of the most common deficiencies we see relate to the requirements around the distribution of GIPS reports. In fact, it’s at the top of our Common Mistakes list that we provide to all new clients.

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Making sense out of nonsensical returns

My colleague, Jennifer Barnette, CIPM, suggested that this blog post from many years ago be published again. I was flattered that she felt it was worthy of reappearing. She was also kind enough to do some edits. It has been quite some time since I've done a blog post....

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Emotion in performance measurement

I'm going to be doing more "VBlogs" (Video Blogs), as I'm finding them an interesting way to share my thoughts and insights. This one deals with emotion in performance measurement, as stated in the title: that is, having some degree of enthusiasm, passion, etc. for...

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