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A different kind of performance

by | Jul 28, 2013

When I teach our firm’s Fundamentals of Performance Measurement class, I begin by saying how performance measurement isn’t limited to investing. We encounter the opportunity to observe or participate in performances all the time. My friend, Herb Chain, is the President of the Queens (no, not Elizabeth, the NYC Borough) Symphony Orchestra, that holds performances regularly. They may get judged in a subjective way, based on how the audience feels they did.

Our younger son, Douglas (pictured above), is the artist in the family, given that he avoided sports throughout school (save for the few years he was in little league, youth soccer, and youth basketball), and concentrated on theater, instead (while his older brother, Chris, the athlete in the family, won the wrestling award as a senior, Doug won the theater award). Doug majored in theater and has worked for our firm for more than 10 years.

Well, a few years ago Doug took up a new pastime: obstacle courses. He has participated in several “Tough Mudders,” as well as other events, including the one described in this video:

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