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An invite to see sample GIPS presentations

by | May 8, 2010

I’m taking some liberties here, as this is mainly John’s blog, but knowing that most of the readers probably work for firms that claim compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards, I thought you might find this invite of interest.

Many firms struggle with their Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS(R)) policies and procedures; and even for those who feel theirs are pretty good, there is always an opportunity for improvement.

Here’s an invitation: if you send me a copy of your policies and procedures (either PDF or Word format), I’ll include it with those of others who respond, and then send all participants a complete collection. I advise you to remove your firm’s identity from you materials before sending it to me as I will not do any editing (you’re free, of course, to include your firm’s identity in the materials).

If you wish to participate, please send it to by May 31. Only those who participate will receive the complete set.

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