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Announcement: Rates of Return (ROR) 101 Class to be presented July 27

by | Jul 20, 2016


A client asked us to construct a one-day class dedicated to rates of return. Unfortunately, we had to cancel. But, it took me hours, and hours, and hours (actually, more like days, and days, and days) to put it together. And rather than just forget about it, we decided to host it as an “open enrollment webinar.” This way, anyone interested in strengthening their knowledge of rates of return could join in.

Rates of Return: born from Fundamentals, but significantly expanded

While much of the class was extracted from our Fundamentals of Performance Measurement class, there’s also a great deal of new information, that we’ve never included in that class. For example, we’ll

  • cover a lot more on the internal rate of return,
  • address when rates of returns don’t make sense,
  • discuss reporting issues that we often see,
  • cover challenges with using the “revalue for large cash flow” option
  • and much more.   

There will be lots of exercises that will help you better understand the material, and you can do them with either a calculator or a PC (Excel).

The class will begin at 10 AM EST, and go to about 5 PM. We’ll take short breaks every hour, as well as a lunch break at noon for an hour.

Pros and cons of a webinar

Webinars have some limitations (e.g., I won’t be able to see you; you won’t be able to see me), but they also have lots of advantages (e.g., reduced costs; no travel needed; you can participate from the comfort of your office or perhaps a conference room, if you’ll be joined by others). And despite the fact that we won’t be physically together, you’ll still be able to ask questions!

We are quite confident you’ll benefit, whether you’ve been at performance measurement for a decade or longer, or are fairly new to the field.

To learn more, you can go here, or call our offices (732-873-5700) and ask for Chris Spaulding (you can also email him at

I’m really excited about this class, as I’m confident it will be well received. We guarantee you’ll learn a lot of great stuff.

Register today for the Rates of Return 101 webinar

Oh, and to register you can go here! You’ll see that we have a basic rate for a single participant, as well as a “site license” rate, if you’ll have several folks who will participate. In advance of the class we’ll send you a copy of the slides, so you can print them off and follow along.

I hope you’ll join us next Wednesday!

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