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ANNOUNCING: A Free GIPS for Asset Owners Webinar

by | Oct 1, 2014

money 16 The long-awaited publication of the final GIPS for Asset Owners guidance statement has finally arrived, and so, we’re hosting not one, but two:

GIPS for Asset Owners Webinars!

And what will we address? Well, let’s turn to the “5 Ws” (and an H) for some help:

Who GIPS for Asset Owners

Who does it apply to?

What GIPS for Asset Owners

What does it mean? What’s involved?

When GIPS for Asset Owners

When does it go into effect?

Where GIPS for Asset Owners

Where can you find a copy of the guidance? Where can you turn for help?

Why GIPS for Asset Owners

Why does it matter? Why you should comply?

How GIPS for Asset Owners

How can we help? man with money 4 You might be wondering …

Why this webinar? GIPS for Asset Owners

Good question! How about …

  • It’s an important and timely topic.
  • It’s a subject I’ve taken the lead on for quite some time, and have great interest in and familiarity with.
  • I was the only person to defend asset owner compliance with the Standards in response to a Pensions & Investments piece attacking the idea
  • I’ve already given several webinars and talks on this subject, including ones for JP Morgan and State Street.
  • I wrote our firm’s white paper on GIPS for Asset Owners.
  • Our firm was one of the few verifiers to comment on the draft version of the guidance.
  • I wrote a piece for Pensions & Investments on the subject of GIPS for Asset Owners.
  • I participated in the drafting of the initial position paper on the subject of GIPS for Asset Owners.
  • TSG’s largest verification client is an asset owner, and I have the pleasure and privilege of conducting their annual verification!

Therefore, it should be obvious that this is not only a topic I have a lot of passion about, it’s also one I have a great deal of knowledge about. And so, we’re pleased to be conducting these free webinars, which will be held

Tuesday, October 28 at 11:00 AM & 9:00 PM EST

These webinars are free! We hope the times work for you. If not, you can obtain a recorded version to view at your convenience. But, if you have questions on the subject, it’d be better to join in! To sign up, simply go here!

All participants will receive a copy of our white paper on GIPS for Asset Owners!

NOTE: that the 9:00 PM webinar will be at 11:00 AM Sydney time and 9:00 AM Hong Kong & Singapore time, on 29 October!

On the fence? Not sure if it makes sense for your institution to comply?

Then you’ll definitely want to join in. The investment of your time will be well worth it, we guarantee it! Sign up today!

To sign up, you can simply go to

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