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Announcing a GIPS 20/20 Consultation Paper Consultation Webinar

by | Jun 2, 2017

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In case you haven’t heard, the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®) are going to have a rather major “make over.” It’s planned for 2020, and so to take advantage of the uniqueness of this particular year, it’s being referred to as “GIPS 20/20.” Get it? You know, like perfect vision? Clever, yes? Almost as clever as a consultation paper consultation!

Anyway, we’ve decided to host a FREE webinar to discuss the GIPS 20/20 Consultation Paper. It will be held on Monday, June 12 at 11 AM EDT.  

GIPS 20/20 Consultation Paper Consultation Webinar

During the webinar we will discuss:

  • What it is
  • What we think about it
  • Why it should matter to you.

In addition, we’ll have time for questions and some discussion.

The GIPS 20/20 Consultation Paper is unique!

We commend the GIPS Executive Committee (EC) for starting with this paper, as many changes to the Standards are being considered, from structure to content. And so, rather than move forward, thinking that the ideas are sound and will be welcome, it’s wonderful that they’re taking time to seek the input from those who will be most affected by the changes.

And while the paper isn’t very long (just eight pages, and that includes the cover ), it is chock full of proposed changes that require real reflection on the part of anyone who’s involved with the Standards.

Members of the GIPS EC have held, and will apparently continue to hold, education sessions on the proposed changes. Such education is extremely important. But this training we’re holding is a bit different …

This GIPS 20/20 Consultation Paper consultation webinar’s unique, too!

We will not only review what’s in the paper, and perhaps why it’s there, but what we think about it and why it matters to you.

As you might expect, we agree with somethings but not everything; and, in a few cases, we strongly disagree.

And so, we thought it worthwhile for you to hear our thoughts, as these proposed changes are very important for you to learn about and hopefully comment upon.

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