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Announcing our question & answer protocol

by | Nov 3, 2009

Through this blog I recently received a question that wasn’t related to a specific post. I opted not to respond because (a) I didn’t know who it was from (it was sent anonymously) and (b) it didn’t fit what it was tied to. I will be happy to respond to questions relating to a blog piece, whether they’re sent anonymously or not.

And, I will be happy (usually) to respond to questions to non-blog-initiated topics, provided the sender identifies themselves. Feel free to ask questions regarding GIPS(R), attribution, risk measurement, returns, etc. You can send these directly to my e-mail address ( If we feel the question should be responded to in the blog or our newsletter, we will do this, and the questioner will be sent a response directly, too.

Hope this sounds reasonable. As always, your thoughts are invited.

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