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Announcing the first ever, “black tie optional” performance measurement conference

by | Feb 24, 2014

This year’s Performance Measurement, Attribution & Risk (PMAR) conferences will be “black tie optional.” A bit unusual, right? And so, why would we do this?

Well, the theme of the events is “the secret agents of performance measurement,” and when we think “secret agent,” Bond, James Bond, comes to mind. And when we think of Bond, we think of classy elegance and the iconic tuxedo.

My personal favorite Bond is Pierce Brosnan (who like most of the other 007s, was not English (he’s Irish … my, how did THAT slip by?)). 

We have no way of knowing, of course, how many of our attendees or speakers will adopt the dress of a classy British secret agent, but those who do will, no doubt, enhance the classiness of an already classy program. And of course, the “black tie optional” theme carries over to women, too, who may choose to adorn themselves in an appropriate garment befitting a “Bond girl” or a female secret agent attending a formal function.

But the “optional” will remain in force, meaning attendees may elect to go “business casual” or wear a business suit. 

While I would very much like to be wearing a tux by Brioni, which appears to have been Brosnan’s preferred source of clothing, I’ll make due with what I have.

The events, like all previous PMARs, will be educational, engaging, and edifying (three e’s), plus lots of fun. 

For more information, please visit our official PMAR website. PMAR is unique in very many ways, and this year’s will merely introduce yet another, and expectedly fun, form of uniqueness.

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