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August webinar: some tips & tricks

by | Aug 3, 2011

TSG’s next webinar will be held Monday, August 15 @ 11:00 AM EST. The topic will be Excel Tips & Tricks for Performance Professionals. Jed Schneider, CIPM, FRM and Neil Riddles, CFA, CIPM, will provide some of the tips and tricks they have learned in their 50 plus years (combined) in investment performance measurement, attribution and risk. These will include custom formatting, date manipulation, pivot tables, using arrays to link returns, using IRR and XIRR to calculate internal rates of return, offset function, conditional formatting and other tricks for use in performance calculations.

The webinar is free for Spaulding Group verification clients and members of the Performance Measurement Forum. A modest per site fee of $150 is charged for others. By “per site” we mean that you can have a room filled with people but will only be charged $150, which we think is quite reasonable. Please contact Patrick Fowler (732-873-5700) for more details or to register.

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