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by | Oct 30, 2017

Today, being the last Monday of the month, is “Performance Measurement Think Tank” day! We hold our Think Tank calls the last Monday (unless it’s a holiday, in which case the date will shift) of each month.

We’ve hosted the Performance Measurement Think Tank for a few years now. It’s a membership group (we limit membership to 25, although you can have as many people on the call with you as you’d like). You sign up for a subscription, which can be of varying lengths (as you might expect, the longer the period you commit to, the lower the investment). In reality, it’s a very low fee, we’re sure you’ll agree.

Members submit questions, and we answer them: it’s that simple. And, the questions can range across the performance measurement field. Today, for example, I’ll address questions dealing with multi-currency attribution and the GIPS(R) standards.

Either John D. Simpson, CIPM or I will handle the call (occasionally, we both will be on).

It’s a great way to get your questions addressed. If you’d like to try it out, please go here, to learn more and sign up!

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