Six best practices to ensure proper distribution and tracking of GIPS® reports

The Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®) are a set of guidelines created to help firms calculate and report investment performance to their clients. Compliance with the GIPS standards is voluntary but is considered a best practice for firms looking to...

A Rebalancing Act: Rebalancing Quarterly Benchmarks

The following question was recently sent to me: suppose a firm uses a blended benchmark that rebalances quarterly… how should they calculate external dispersion? I guess I hadn’t given much thought to the possible challenges with rebalancing quarterly...

A Dozen PMAR Secrets Revealed

A thought occurred to me while I was driving to Bethesda, Maryland today (I will be doing a GIPS® verification here tomorrow). Chances are, most performance measurement professionals, even those who’ve attended one or more PMAR (Performance Measurement...

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