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Celebrating 20 years

by | Oct 28, 2009

This won’t be the only time you’ll read about this, but it may be the first: TSG has entered its 20th year in business! Why 20 years should be any more special than 19 or 21 is obviously because society tends to associate extra attention to dates ending with zero or five, so we’ll do that, too! And, you can imagine that we’re quite proud to have achieved this milestone.

Our firm has grown in several ways over the past two decades and we are grateful for the many folks who have permitted us to serve them during this time. Many of these individuals have allowed our relationship to go beyond a business one, such that we can look upon them as friends. We are also appreciative of the many firms and individuals that support us. I am particularly thankful for our staff and management team.

During the past 20 years we’ve weathered two market downturns, with the more recent one only now coming to a close. We, as well as just about everyone else, are hoping that 2010 is much better than 2009 has been. And, we look forward to continue to serve our clients and the investment industry for many years to come.

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