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Did the Expert Level Just Get *More* Difficult?

by | Dec 20, 2010

Well, I’m not sure if it got harder… but certainly there is quite a bit more content?

I am in the process of updating the materials I use to teach TSG’s CIPM Prep Classes (Principles and Expert Levels), and in reviewing the 2011 curriculum, I see that some of the content has shifted from the Principles Level curriculum to the Expert Level curriculum.

I suppose that’s a “good news / bad news” thing for new CIPM candidates. The good news is that the Principles Level curriculum is a bit lighter, content wise, as some subjects are now deferred to the Expert Level. But, the bad news, there’s more information to master at the
Expert Level than there was in the past.

The following subjects have been removed from the Principles Level curriculum, and are now entirely covered at the Expert level:

  • real estate
  • private equity
  • (most of) verification
  • GIPS standards related to model portfolios
  • GIPS standards related to switching of portfolios between composites
  • GIPS standards related to measuring composite dispersion
  • GIPS standards related to portability of past performance

In prior examination windows, I would characterize what was required of candidates for these topics as essentially learning the provisions at the Principles Level, and being able to apply the related guidance and interpretations (as well as deal with some additional calculations) at the Expert Level. Now all of this will be covered at the Expert Level.

While this change does not increase the overall content, it does make the Expert Level more “packed.”

So, CIPM candidates, be aware! (Details can be found here.)

P.S. I have received some lighthearted flak from candidates for making this suggestion at conferences, but I wonder aloud again if it would be worthwhile for the CIPM Body of Knowledge to be covered in three (3) exams rather than two…

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