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Ethics in the news … or at least Linkedin

by | May 6, 2012

I just checked in on Linkedin and discovered two of my connections posting  about ethics:

  • Jay Abraham: “ETHICS: You have to distinguish yourself and operate at the highest level of ethics, of integrity, of veracity. If you lower yourself to the level of a lot of the people in the world today, you won’t be distinctive. You won’t be preeminent. You won’t standout. If you operate at this high level, you will win over people and they will stay with you when you have the right systems and strategy in place.
  • Tom Robinson: “‘Relativity applies to Physics, not Ethics. Ethics are absolute.’ Einstein “

I cannot disagree with either gentlemen (who can?).

Tom, as the MD of Education for the CFA Institute, is attending the annual CFA conference; sadly, I am not there as I will be at a client conducting a GIPS(R) (Global Investment Performance Standards) verification instead. Jay is a marketing consultant we (TSG) occasionally draw upon for advice.

Interesting coincidence that these posts appeared within inches of one another.

And  both of these statements are worthy of reflection on their own, with no additional commentary from me.

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