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Five most important things performance measurement professionals should know, part II

by | Jun 25, 2014

A few days ago I made reference to a webinar we recently conducted. I thought it might be helpful to simply provide the formulas here, which go along with the five things mentioned.

Modified Dietz

Modified Dietz

Geometric Linking

geometric linking



Standard deviation

std dev (p)

This is the “population” form; for the sample, divide by n-1.

Money-weighted vs. Time-weighted

This cannot be summarized as neatly as the first four, so you’ll have to review the webinar to learn more about the differences.

Performance and risk measurement professionals deal with a lot more formulas than just these, but these are the ones we think are ones all PMPs should know. But to have them all memorized can be quite a challenge; that’s why we created our very popular formula reference guide: so that you don’t have to keep all the formulas in your head! And, we have good news to share!

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