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Getting by without a PC

by | Dec 9, 2010

I was called for jury duty and served today. My wife told me that I wasn’t permitted to bring my PC with me, so I left it home. I learned after arriving that she was wrong (this time; she’s usually right); they even had free wireless!; and so was pc-less when I could have been connected. Well, it turned out that being without the PC for most of the day didn’t result in any damage to my health; and my inability to immediately respond to e-mails didn’t cause any challenges.

I brought a textbook with me to study for an exam (scheduled for this coming Monday), and so the distraction of periodically looking on the PC to check e-mail or the stock market wasn’t present, which allowed me more concentrated time. And since no one ended up being called (even if I had been, I wouldn’t have been picked, given my prior stint as mayor (which allowed me to select both cops and judges, and to be sued a number of times)), I had several hours to devote to studying. A very productive day, I must say. And so, being without the PC for several hours isn’t a bad thing. It’s funny that I didn’t want to go…glad I did!

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