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Happy Memorial Day

by | May 28, 2012

Kind of odd, I think, to wish someone a “Happy Memorial Day,” since the day’s real purpose is to honor those American military men and women who “paid the ultimate sacrifice,” by dying for their country in battle, to protect our freedom. I also realize that around most of the world today, the stock markets are open; but here in the U.S., it’s a national holiday, so most of us have off (and our markets are closed).

Memorial Day serves as the “official start of summer,” although summer doesn’t technically begin for another three weeks. But many (like us) are having picnics and barbecues. Too few don’t pause to reflect on what this day is all about.

We wish another a “Happy Memorial Day” in the hopes that it’s an enjoyable one for them. But perhaps also we might pause, even for a brief moment, to reflect, to pray, to contemplate the sacrifices of others on our behalf.

As for today’s picture, I took it from my friend Herb Chain’s Facebook post.

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