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If you don’t vote, don’t complain

by | Jun 8, 2009

One thing we’ve learned is that those who don’t take the time to vote shouldn’t complain about the results. The same applies to the proposed changes to the GIPS® standards. With less than a month before the opportunity disappears, only a few have submitted their comments. Since I delayed mine until last week, and know of others who are putting the finishing touches on their letters, we can expect this list to grow. But, in case you haven’t yet taken any action, you’re running out of time!

And, if you haven’t read through what’s proposed, perhaps a good use of your time would be to participate in our upcoming GIPS 2010 Webinar. On June 16, we will hold our second briefing on the major changes that have been proposed. This session will be immediately followed by a review of the results of our recent GIPS survey. The following day we will hold a session on GIPS verification. Both webinars are scheduled for 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time (U.S.). Both also provide time for Q&A. [Oh, and in case you can’t make this time slot, you can always obtain a copy of the audio from the call!]

The fee for these events is quite low in order to encourage participation. The cost is per dial-in line, not per participant. This way, you can assemble a group of folks in your conference room to listen together for a very low price, and perhaps discuss your thoughts among yourselves after the call. And, we’ve made the cost for this month’s webinars even lower because we’re offering a “twofer” (two, for the price of one). PLUS, if you’re a CIPM certificate holder, the price is even lower! To learn more and to sign up for this event, please contact Patrick Fowler (; 732-873-5700.

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