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Investing in employees through training

by | Nov 11, 2013

Yes, this IS a dilemma: do you invest the money into providing your performance and risk measurement team the training they need to do a good job, and run the risk they’ll leave, or avoid teaching them and save the money?

Fortunately, most firms see the wisdom in providing the education. It not only enhances the team’s ability to do an effective job, it also helps boost their morale. Having skilled employees means that they benefit the firm, but also become more marketable to others; this is a fact, but one all firms must confront.

Retaining good employees can always be a challenge, no doubt. But one way to do this is by making such an investment.

TSG has been offering training for more than 20 years. Next week, I’ll be teaching a class in Melbourne, Australia. John Simpson and Jed Schneider also regularly conduct classes. And this week, we’re offering a webinar dedicated to attribution. To learn more about our offerings, please contact us.

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