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Investment performance analysis … a webinar that’s worth your time to watch

by | Apr 6, 2015

bisam photosSeriously, does this lineup look like folks you’d want to buy a used car from? Perhaps not, but it’s a group that did share some interesting insights last week regarding investment performance analysis.

Investment Performance Analysis Webinar, sponsored by BI-SAM

I had the pleasure of joining in a webinar sponsored by BI-SAM and moderated by Peter Ellis (PK Consulting). Other participants were Darren Crowley (Pictet Asset Management); Todd Juillerat, CFA (State Street Global Advisors); and Tom Stapleton, CFA (Schroders London).

We discussed key observations, issues and best practices for investment performance analysis regarding:

  • To what degree does manual processing pose a challenge to efficient and accurate performance analysis, and what steps can be taken to solve the issues?
  • Why does the maturity of fixed income analytics continue to lag behind equity analytics?
  • What challenges does the future hold for performance functions over the next 2 – 3 years, and how can organizations proactively prepare now to alleviate those challenges down the road?

We also touched on a few other topics I’m sure you’ll find of interest.

Investment Performance Analysis webinar available to view … for free!

The webinar was free, as is the chance to view it now!  To do so, simply go here!

If you wish to make any comments regarding it, or have any questions of your own, please post them here; thanks!

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