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Is it time to start something new in 2019? Perhaps a switch to Spaulding Verification Services!

by | Nov 6, 2018


Spaulding Verification Services

At the end a recent GIPS® 2020 webinar, I included a slide like the one above. It was, in a sense, a “word from your sponsor.”

This is the time of year when many firms begin to think about their next year’s verification. Before you get too far down that path, we hope to have a chance to persuade you to consider TSG as your verifier. Because our firm offers quite a bit in the area of performance and risk measurement, we created Spaulding Verification Services to house our GIPS and non-GIPS verification practice. And while you may be pleased with your current provider, we believe we offer the best verification service, as well as provide the most added value to our verification clients. Those who have switched to us have told us.

Briefly, some of the Spaulding Verification Services differences:

  • We only use senior-level verifiers: each member of our team has a minimum of ten years’ experience, with 80% of us having worked for asset managers, running performance measurement. This results in:
    • Much more efficient reviews.
    • And, you don’t have to train the verifier.
    • Plus, you get your questions answered (we often hear that many verifiers won’t answer their clients’ questions).
  • We do on-site verifications, which 
    • Helps us develop better relationships with our clients.
    • Provides a better forum to address issues and concerns.
    • And also helps improve efficiency.
  • We recommend annual, not quarterly verifications.
  • Our clients experience minimal turnover: typically zero, as we try to keep the same verifier assigned year-after-year.

One difference we recently learned about: most other verifiers don’t give their clients written findings following their review. We will be happy to provide you a sample of ours.

An offer you can’t refuse?

We’d like to make you this offer: if you switch to Spaulding Verification Services for your 2018 verification and later decide you actually prefer your current verifier we won’t charge you for our work. Why do we make this proposal? Because we are confident you’ll agree we do a better job.

Changing verifiers may be a concern for some of your colleagues: the fear that switching may have an impact on various databases. We have a rather long list of clients who have switched, and none have reported any such issues. Even if you currently think you are completely satisfied with your verifier, you have nothing to lose.  By taking us up on this offer, and allowing us to present you with a proposal, the worst thing that will happen is you will confirm you are working with the right verifier.

Our clients range in size from less than $100 million to over $1.2 trillion in management. We serve approximately 250 firms and organizations in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and India.

Please consider making a switch. The first step is to complete our short questionnaire that you can find here. We will provide you with a no-obligation proposal.

Please send a note to Christopher Spaulding if you’d like to discuss this further: (

We very much hope you will start something new in 2019!

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